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Search for Inspection Reports
The department recently updated its inspection reporting system to enable the public to better understand the results of an inspection and more closely align its process with other Florida agencies’ food inspection processes.
* Please note the following chronology when reviewing historic reports.
                A “pass” or “fail” rating system was used to rate all routine inspections conducted prior to November 8, 2016.
                No rating system was used for inspections conducted from November 8, 2016 through May 5, 2017.
Effective May 6, 2017, the department updated its inspection reporting summaries as defined below.
    Met Inspection Requirements
     An inspection that may have violations that have to be corrected, but insufficient violations were found to require a check back or re-inspection by the Department.
    Met Inspection Requirements with Check-Back
     An inspection that contained a violation(s) which required an additional visit to ensure corrective actions were completed.
    Re-Inspection Required
     An inspection where violations were cited that will require a re-inspection by the Department.

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For an explanation of the violations please see Food Inspection Reports